7 days showcasing the top 7 posts from 2011. #7 is about Hustle hope you enjoy.

“Focused. I’m a hustler. And my hustle is trying to figure out the best ways to do what I like without having to do much else.” – Mos Def

Every day I believe more and more in one simple fact: //NOTHING BEATS HUSTLE//

Regardless of organization, resources, or position, hustle is the equalizer. It starts inside each one of us and is only regulated by how much we care.

Some people call hustle passion, but passion does not tell the story. Hustle is more than “a passion”.

  • Hustle humbles us.
  • Hustle is the fuel that drives your purpose.
  • Hustle manages itself more than needs to be managed.
  • Hustle is chasing dreams and refusing to stop chasing, ever.
  • Hustle does not get comfortable.
  • Hustle never settles.
  • Hustle understands the magnitude of the opportunity and is humbled by the chance to be “in that moment”.
  • Hustle is caring so much that you are obsessed with what you do.
  • Hustle would allow you to do what you do for free.
  • Hustle keeps you up at night.
  • Hustle fills your tank.
  • Hustle is loving what you do so much that you wish you could transfer that feeling to others.
  • Hustle is answering every email.
  • Hustle is delivering.
  • Hustle is the best we got, but always striving for more.
  • Hustle is failing and knowing that failing is part of the process so that we get better.
  • Hustle is “I get to do this,” not “I have to do this”.
  • Hustle makes Mondays exciting, not dreadful.
  • Hustle requires us to own, not rent.

Are you a hustler? If you are not, you need to ask yourself some hard questions. Creative people invest a little piece of themselves into every project. If you can’t hustle for where you are and what you currently are doing, it’s time to move. Life is too short to not be in love with what you do and shift into a hustler’s mentality.


How would you define your hustle? What makes you a hustler where you are today?

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