The 6th most popular post from 2011 was about how our jobs impact our creativity.

Ever notice how hard it is at times to get our best ideas at work? It’s not because our job is eating our creativity, it’s because of the external forces around our jobs that keeps us from being creative. It’s important that we create time and space to actually be creative. If we do not make it a priority, who will? If we choose not to make it a priority, we will lose the battle. We don’t drift into creativity, it’s intentional and takes hard work and effort. Here are some reasons we lose the battle when we’re at work if we’re not intentional:

  • Drop Ins – People stopping in, asking questions, chatting, becoming a distraction.
  • To-Do Lists – These keep us busy, not creative.
  • Email – The creativity killer. Email is a treadmill. For every one email we send, we get 3 back.
  • Often times our organizations are afraid of creativity.
  • Environment – We do not have access to the surroundings that are most constructive for creative thought and process.
  • Fear – we are afraid we will be rejected, have our ideas stolen, or raise the bar too high (which should never be a valid reason)
  • Meetings – Too long, rarely have action points, take too much of our time.
  • Lack of respect – Not for us as employees, but for the creative process and the fact that it takes work and effort to come up with good ideas and creativity.
  • Routine – it gets boring.
  • Not empowered or equipped – also should never be a real excuse.
  • Staffing – Most organizations, especially churches, are under staffed. More work means more need for intentional times of creativity.
  • Passion – Do we love our jobs? Do we realize the opportunity we have to create momentum from any level or position?
  • Lack of cooperation – Without intentionality, we do not create cooperatively.
  • Trust – We do not trust our initial ideas – the ones that spark the great ideas.

What are some of the ways you have found to create space for creativity? What keeps you from excelling at your job creatively

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