“The greatest discovery of all time is that a person can change his future by merely changing his attitude.” – Oprah Winfrey

The truth is this:
We’re all busy.
We all get tired.
Life is not fair.
Things rarely go as planned.
Stuff does not always work out.

But, the truth is also this: we get to focus on how we approach all situations. It’s hard to find inspiration with our vision filled with negativity, doubt, fear, and worry – especially when we need to be our creative best.

We have a choice in how we approach our lives and our work.

As the creative force in our organizations, it’s up to us to set the tone. If we want our creativity to grow, we have to find the positive in all our situations. And the truth is that there is usually positivity waiting to be uncovered.

So our new truth is this:
We get to tell the greatest story ever told.
We have the honor to do our job or our ministry.
We can get refreshed and refilled by reconnecting to our vision.
While life is not fair, we get to do what we do, and impact the lives of other people.
Things don’t always go as planned, but we have been gifted with creativity that helps us adapt, adjust, and make things work.
When everything fails…we get to come back tomorrow and do it again.

How are you approaching your work, life, and creativity?

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