“Don’t aim for success if you want it; just do what you love and believe in, and it will come naturally.”
David Frost

The secret to creative success is simple: there is no secret.

Success in any creative endeavor is more about cooking a great meal than it is about magic.

Magicians set up a trick, then – POOF – the result is done and in front of us. It’s secretive and usually deceptive. Magic, once uncovered, loses its mystery.

Chef’s take their time. They seek the best ingredients. They look for the right mixtures and blends. They understand a great meal is built around more than just one thing. It takes a commitment, a lot of small tasks, a lot of small additions, a few subtractions, the right temperature, and a lot of intentionality to cook a great meal.

The same is true with our best ideas – they require commitment. We have to know where we are going and what we are cooking. We have to find the best ingredients. The best temperature. Be willing to add and subtract things we love in order to create the perfect blend. Then, we have to execute it with precision, intentionality, and make our best ideas delicious.

Success is not built around one thing. It takes prayer, hard work, passion, hustle, talent, effort, calling, and a lot of intentionality.

What are some of the most important ingredients you have found for your success?

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