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“Make Art Not Friends”…kind of a punk thing to say.

The funny thing about popular clichés is that they are often true.

“There is no such thing as a free lunch”

“It’s too good to be true”

“Ideas are a dime a dozen”

All true.

Ideas are a dime a dozen. Everyone has them.

So, what are we doing to ensure that our ideas will grow beyond clichés?

We have to start by making the decision to be a professional, not a punk –

  • Pro’s come to work. They approach their work with focus, intentionality, and understanding. They embrace the necessity to be an owner, not just a renter, of their opportunities.
  • Pro’s respect the gift they have received; the gift to get to do what they love as an occupation.
  • Pro’s share praise with their teams, but shoulder responsibility.
  • Pro’s avoid excuses and complaining. They find opportunity inside of obstacles.
  • Pro’s ask “why”, then move to “and”. “Why” – to make sure we are on mission, then “and” – to enhance the ideas.
  • Pro’s find ways to control their emotions. They respond instead of reacting.
  • Pro’s focus on vision, not division. There will be problems in every idea, but pro’s figure out how to overcome these adversities rather than allowing them to derail the process and momentum.
  • Pro’s stay on task.
  • Pro’s set expectations, and then meet them. Never over promise and under deliver. It hurts everyone.
  • Pro’s fight for what’s right, not just what benefits them.
  • Pro’s do what it takes to start, execute, finish, and succeed.
  • Pro’s figure out how to not take it personal.
  • Pro’s never stop learning. The cost is too high to stop.

What are some of the traits you find in professionals you admire?
You are a professional.
You are committed.
We need you!

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