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As creative professionals, we understand the power of an idea executed.

Each idea requires action. Once we take action, we then have the opportunity to learn from the success or failure of that decision. What we learn from this process is that we all have the ability to identify and execute amazing creative ideas that become solutions.

So what keeps us from doing this daily…or even hourly?


We get stuck in a certain way of thinking. We fall victim to our previous success and start to “repeat”. We become paralyzed by the fear of failing, not willing to try something totally different that could propel us to success because the risk is too high. But why?

We tend to get caught resting in our normal way of thinking. So, how do we break out of the our normal way of thinking?

  • STEP BACK – Take a step back and survey the entire situation. Collect the data. Write the facts, the equation, the variable, and identify the components that we can control. Ask questions and identify the core issues or desired results.
  • IMAGINE THE IMAGE – Start to create scenarios and talk them out with our team. This will help us picture possibilities and outcomes. It creates options for us. When we imagine what could be, it forces us out of our normal space and allows our creativity to contribute to the conversation.
  • SEEK IDEAS – Create a list of ideas that could help us resolve the issue. Ideas are the life blood of our creative teams.
  • IDENTIFY WHAT IS ACTIONABLE – What can we make “TO DO”. Delegate these to team members so the task becomes scalable.
  • SEEK WISDOM – When we are needing insight or direction, we have to ask. Ask other creative people and ask people outside of our circles so that they can contribute unique angles to our project, issue, or situation.
  • STUDY AND FIND INSPIRATION – Go to where you learn. Blogs, magazines, film, music, books, conversation. Allow yourself to be stimulated and break your normal thought process. Often when going to our stimulators, we need to try something different. Listen to music that you have never heard. Read a new book. Find a magazine you have never checked out. Also, changing our canvas changes our perspective.
  • ONCE YOU MAKE A DECISION…GO – Don’t second guess it. Don’t listen to the voices that will chase you towards fear. Make a decision and GO WITH IT. If you fail, at least you will fail with passion, gusto, and by breaking your norm. There are just as many lessons in failure as there are in success.

Are you ready to break normal thinking?

What have you learned that helps break these traps?

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