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There is one very easy, very simple, and very affordable way for your organization to get more creative, more innovative, and more on vision – and it can happen in the next 24 hours, if you so desire:


As creative professionals, we tend to try really hard to protect the creative process. When we do this, it limits our ability to truly help our organizatons.

Alicia Arenas, founder and CEO of Sanera, The People Development Company, is a distinguished business consultant, coach, corporate facilitator and speaker. Alicia has been quoted saying:

“The core of diversity lies in understanding that we are better performers, better leaders, better service providers and better people when we surround ourselves with those who are different from us. However, the reality is that most adults are more comfortable with people who are just like them.”

Leaders – when we do not include the crazy creatives in some of our decisions, we are missing an element that keeps us from being our best.

Creatives – when we do not engage the rest of our organizations and their ideas, we limit not only our influence, but also our ability to impact the greater good of our organization.

Simply – when we create diverse environments, we all are much better. Diversity creates opportunity.

Do you want to get diverse? It is not as difficult as you would think:

  • Start inviting people into conversations. That simple. Bring in people who are not normally part of your “world”. They will provide a unique lens and filter to your situation.
  • Destroy Silos. Silos limit potential and cripple organizations. The more cross pollination that we have, the better our organizations will be. Silo busting is hard work because people who build silos built them like Fort Knox. But, when VISION and MISSION are the driving force and not method or agenda, it removes a lot of the need for a silo.
  • Find Backstory. Just because someone works in one department today may not mean they ALWAYS have worked in that department. You may have hidden “consultants” inside your organization that have the ability to pull info and ideas from experienced people. Finding out about peoples past creates great options for leaders.
  • Create Community Culture. Diversity thrives when community is developed. Find ways inside your normal work week to create spaces, times, and events where people from different fields interact and form relationship. The stronger the relationships your teams have, the better work place you create. Also, when people have a relationship with each other they are more willing to work and fight for each other.
  • Lead with vision. Simple concept, but not as simple to execute. It takes intentionality, culture, and good leadership to keep everyone on not only the same page, but the RIGHT same page.

Do you work in a diverse environment? What are some ways you have found to cross bridges inside of your organizations?

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