We would be hard pressed to find a kid without an imagination. Kids are free to be creative; it’s a gift.

Kids haven’t learned enough to be scared, insecure, limited, or marginalized in their creative thinking.

We would be better artists if we could recapture some of our youth.

Psych Central blog recently released a study of nine ways to cultivate kids’ creativity. The ironic thing is these same principles can be used to cultivate OUR best creativity.

  • Designate a Space for Creating – The ultimate importance of this principle is not to confine us to a space, but to let us know we have a spot that allows us to create our best work. It may be a coffee shop, park, library, or office, but there has to be a place we can go when we need to get in our zone.
  • Keep it Simple – Editing is the true test of creativity. Creativity is the ability to subtract when others want to add.
  • Allow for Free Time – Stepping away from projects and engaging more playful options makes creativity soar.
  • Activate the Senses – Sense activation creates experiences. From smells to music, experiences enhance creativity. Find more ways to be engaged and you’ll find more ways to be creative.
  • Discuss Creativity – Conversations create collaboration.
  • Cultivate Critical Thinking – Figuring out how to do things different and asking questions makes us better.
  • Avoid Managing – Managing creativity KILLS it. Yes, sometimes we have to steward creativity, but there’s a difference between managing creativity and having creative boundaries. Some of the best creatives use boundaries to make themselves better.
  • Pursue Passions – When we’re passionate, we’re free. Free creative process inspires itself.
  • Take Time – Don’t rush the process. Use all the time you have. Never rush or procrastinate.

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