In art or leadership, there is a silent powerful force that is rarely exercised…the power of the pause.

In art, we often find ourselves under strict deadlines that move us into creative production mode – where ideas come, get executed, then ship out. While I’m a fan of shipping, there is a big part of the process missing here: the pause. It slips in right after ideas and right before executions. Taking a pause – putting the idea down, walking away, and then revisiting – often allows us to see more and better options for our ideas. Allowing them the space to breathe gives our ideas the chance to become healthy and full.

In leadership, pausing allows us not to get caught up emotionally. So often, “decisive” leaders create wow decisions in split seconds. Creating a pause – a chance to diagnose the data, explore the options, and think through the response – can create even better decisions; ones that limit big mistakes because we’ve allowed ourselves time to digest before we decide. Most of the time, taking a minute to pause will not cost us anything but the frustration of people trying to complete their check lists.

Obviously, prayer matters massively.

We can’t allow the pause to turn into procrastination. Pause is just enough time to allow space for our decisions and ideas to get better, not for us to create excuses not to ship and move. Pausing makes us better, procrastination kills us.

Have you incorporated the pause into your creative or decision making process?

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