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At times, we all need a little boost – a jolt to our creativity.

The truth is there isn’t a “wall” that we hit. We simply run out of ideas and inspiration.

Too often during our creative process we forget to hit the pause button. This is especially true of creative people who work in the church. Sunday always feels a day away.

So here’s a quick exercise developed by the good folks over at “the world’s greatest museum of art and design” – the Victoria and Albert Museum.

Turn off all distractions. You will need 30 minutes to complete this exercise without interruption.

Find an image or object that inspires you.

For 5-10 minutes, just study the image.

Walk away and reflect on the image. During this time you can write words, draw pictures, etc, but it all should be based on the object or image you ‘ve just studied.

Rejoin the group (2 or more) and share what you saw and then what it made you feel.

How we engage our thoughts the rest of the day will be shifted. The silence and focus will change our our brain processes. And, by the end, we will feel like our creativity has been re-engaged and we’re back to being the amazing artists for which God created us to be!

Are you in?

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