When I was a kid, the idea of gambling was not acceptable. It’s kind of ironic that now there’s not a day that passes where I don’t have to gamble on something.

Every time we have an idea it ‘s a gamble if we’re going to share it.

When we make a decision, we’re gambling.

Having that conversation that we’re not sure about – and not sure how it is going to be received – is a big gamble.

Trying to actually create something out of nothing takes the guts of a gambler because the rejection of this idea is worse than losing everything.

Being willing to do things that may not have ever been done before takes some big bets.

I don’t believe we’ve put enough thought or research into our gambling. If we’re going to gamble every day, we better start preparing to get better at the game. The problem when it comes to gambling is you never are going to beat the house. We’re going to lose more often than we win. Just accept it. The only way to get better is to get bolder. Gamblers push past fear for the chance to win.

When we gamble, there are times we’ll win big, times we’ll know we have a winner, and times we’ll leverage that confidence to bet big.

Sometimes we will get lucky.

Other times we will lose – and most likely we will lose amazingly bad.

We are betting with ideas, emotions, decisions, time, resources, money, equity and momentum.

And here’s the thing – if we just play it safe, we will never advance. That’s not why we’ve been hired. That is not why we’ve been put into our positions. We’re not here to be safe, we’re here to bet like ballers. We have to take some risks. We have to go against logic sometimes – study the data, try our best, and leverage our data and our instincts. Sometimes we have to try something new, even if it means we end up falling flat on our face.

The truth is – what use is it to play if we’re not willing to take the risk? So, get ready to go all in.

Be it bluff, brains, or brash, we have to take a chance and push in the chips.

The good news is, unlike cash, tomorrow we’ll have new ideas. There are always more. And when we run out, we just go fill back up!

So bet! Bet on your team. Bet on your leadership. Gamble on your ideas, on your instincts, and on yourself. Without a few bets, we can’t accomplish everything that MUST BE DONE!
Are you ready to go all in?

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