I love hip-hop music. I grew up on it and it has been a big part of my life.

“Back in the day” Front’n was a term used for acting like you are something that you are not.

I think from time to time we all front. We front we know more than we do, that we are something we are not, that we (fill in the blank). The entire reason we front is because we are insecure and want to be accepted. We have been conditioned to believe that high self-confidence is the key to a successful life. We buy this lie every day in hopes we can fool a few more people into believing we are a little more creative, a little smarter, a little better leader when all along the real you is not only more than enough, it is who God created for this moment. The truth is, according to a recent study reported by the Harvard Business Review, a low self-confidence is actually more likely to make you successful! It is a game of balance. Finding a healthy level of self-confidence that is an honest picture of your heart can propel you to success:

Honest self-confidence stays coachable. We don’t have to always know it all and have all the answers. It is healthy to admit that and lean on others. Staying coachable allows us to grow, build trust, and get better. It also removes the pressure of always trying to be right. Staying coachable allows ourselves permission to fail…as long as we are trying to get better.

Honest self-confidence makes us pay attention. We listen to feedback good and bad. We don’t live on the highs of the good or plunge to the depths of the bad. As creative people it allows us to balance the good and bad. We create and people have opinions on our creations…that will never change. So how are we going to respond?

Honest self-confidence makes us ask questions. When we refuse to believe our own hype, we are willing to questions things more. We seek the right answers not just our opinions.

Honest self-confidence makes us more flexible. We know other ways may be better.

Honest self-confidence makes us hustle. When we don’t feel we can rest only our talent we are on a journey to getting better. We are looking for a new challenge every day. We want to be challenged, tested, and feel that competitive pull to be better. When our confidence is healthy we know we can grow and get better…that there is more in front of us to accomplish and room to grow. It makes us work harder and be more honest about our efforts.

Honest self-confidence is inclusive. When we don’t come across arrogant or like a jerk it makes us approachable. Inclusivity helps foster better culture and team dynamics.

Extremely low self-confidence is different. We have to fight that. That is not living the identity God created for us and alerts us that we may not know who He created us to be. Extremely low self-confidence is identified by fear, worry, a lack of direction, over stress, and the ability to give up.

So lets do this. Let’s be honest. Lets find that healthy self-confidence that just might make us better than we ever thought we could be!

What would you add to this list?

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