Photo Props:

A blank screen.

Blank pages.

An empty melody.

No more ideas.

It’s not that we stopped being creative, it’s just that we ran out of gas.

Being creative is work. We must make sure we are taking the time to fill the tank. Doing this looks different for everyone. Some people need to be alone to refuel, while others seek conversations and community to get the tank out of reserve and back into ideation mode.

Remember the first time you went out with your special someone? It had a lot of potential to be awkward. You weren’t sure what you had in common. But by the end of the night, you found some common ground. The next date was a little easier. Then, at some point, it became fun and natural to date each other.

If we’re going to stay productive creatively, we have to start “dating our artists.” We have to find the things we like to do – the things that refuel us. Then, we have to find time to actually do them intentionally; create a chance to get to know our creative selves and invest in who that may be. When we date someone, we’re intentional about the time, the plan, the priority, and the outcome. Likewise, if we’re not dating our artist (ourselves) and reinvesting in what fills us creatively, we’ll become weak, won’t produce our best ideas, and will get really frustrated.

Date your artist. Make sure you’re refueling the tank. Invest in yourself. This will position you to be your creative best and to birth the ideas you need to move forward.

What is the one thing you do that makes you feel refreshed creatively?

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