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Some stuff we like to do, while other things can be a chore. It’s the nature of work and a big part of the creative process. So what’s the best way to beat the hard things so we can focus on the stuff that we enjoy and that fills us up?

Mark Twain – famed author and humorist once said it’s important to: “Eat your frog.” The concept is simple. Twain argued that if you eat a frog first thing in the morning, then nothing throughout the rest of your day could be worse. When we eat our frog first, the worst part of our day is behind us.

What is the one “thing” you procrastinate most? Obviously if you’re procrastinating it, you don’t enjoy doing it in the first place. It’s often something important that needs to be done, but we’re allowing procrastination to keep us from moving forward. Let’s knock that “thing” out at the top of the day before the emails, twitters, meetings, and conversations all pile up. First thing in the morning, we have energy, clarity, we’re rested, and our creativity tank is full! What better way do we have to attack that “thing” than giving it our absolute best?

Each day, as we’re preparing to leave our space, identify the next day’s frog. Write it down. Prepare for it. Doing this can set us up to win – and win early.

Eat your frog so you can spend the rest of your day doing the things you love.

What is your frog today? Eat up.

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