Success is never guaranteed. There are so many factors at play for our efforts to start to gain traction and birth momentum. Success, especially in creative matters, is not given, it is earned There is however an equation that can help position us for our best chance to succeed:

Vision + Ideation + Vulnerability +  Hustle + Perseverance = the launching pad.

  • Vision – We have to have it. It may not always be ours, but we have to have vision. Without a clear vision of the why and the inspiration that vision brings there is no reason to get out of bed and try to make anything happen. Vision also breeds excitement and passion, two necessary ingredients for creating owners not renters of our initiative.
  • Ideation – Develop the ideas that will propel the vision. Ideas are vehicles that make vision move.
  • Vulnerability – It takes a healthy dose of vulnerability to share our ideas. Further, when we have vulnerability as part of our equation it creates space for authenticity to exist. Authenticity develops trust and in order to do anything of substance we have to trust the tools, people, and vision around us.
  • Hustle – It takes a lot of work to be successful. Don’t buy the lie that overnight successes are just that…overnight. There is a lot of blood, sweat, tears, sacrifice, pain, joy, and emotion in every successful entity. Work, and creative work at that, is not sexy, rarely admired, and often detested. But, if you want success you have to be willing to do the things no one else will do. You have to care more about your project than anyone else. The minute someone else cares more than you do…you are sunk.
  • Perseverance – Some days are great don’t get too high. Some days are awful don’t dip to low. Persevere. Stay on task. Don’t get distracted. Follow the plan, work the plan, stay on vision…the methodic march is more effective than sprinting for a day and being forced to rest for two. When we understand that we are running a marathon not a sprint we understand pacing and the need to respond to issues rather than reacting to them.

Then there is luck. Some people believe in it and some don’t but anything successful has to have the right environment around it. Time, market, team, audience, and a host of other “stars” have to align. Hopefully when they do, and they will for your entity, you have worked your equation and are ready to chase the momentum that they can create…the sail towards success.

At the end of the day, we need you to be successful. Its not a want…it’s a need. Are you ready?

Do you know how to convert your digital guests to attendees?

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