Last Easter we had an idea.

We wanted to try something different. Something artistic that could connect to the content of the day and the message Pete prepared. A piece that would help drive home the power of the day…a day that represents God’s love for us and grace he designed for our lives.

Normally, big days like Easter are not days we would take big chances. These type of days are days when we have high visitor attendance. We can use the rest of the year to experiment and on these kind of days we should put the best of our best on display for an audience who may not come back to church for another year. There is no reason to create distractions with stuff that might not work. Make the day right top to bottom with stuff we know will be amazing and hopefully draw people to the hope of Salvation.

But on this day, we felt passionate about the song we found, the content Pete developed, and the idea we believed could make a special moment. So we went to work. We created this piece:

The piece was a song written by The City Harmonic. They are a super talented group of worship leaders. A few weeks ago we found out the band are using the piece in their lives shows. Then today, they released a new music video that incorporated our piece with their art. It is AWESOME! Check it out here.

We love when God allows us the opportunity to create art. We are thankful for that gift. And we are working our absolute hardest to create art that impacts our local community while connecting to what God is doing at Cross Point…and when possible the Church at large. It is cool to see this piece working inside worship that takes place around the world.

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