How we approach our work sometimes can be more important the actual work that we create. When approaching our work, there are a few traits that seem common to successful creative leaders.

  • Grace filled
  • Willing To Challenge the Status Quo
  • Curious
  • Willing to ask questions relentlessly
  • Self-Motivated
  • Understand Vision
  • Seek Great not Good
  • Embrace Change
  • Take Risks
  • Mobile
  • Understand Frames
  • Reflective
  • Connect Dots
  • Never Stop Learning
  • Trust Intuition
  • Respect Data
  • Understand the importance of collaboration
  • Resilient
  • Willing to be wrong
  • Persevering
  • Forgiving
  • Desire to make others and other things better
  • Never Satisfied
  • Humble
  • Hustle

Anything you would add to the list?

Do you know how to convert your digital guests to attendees?

How will you connect digital guests and convert them to actual attendees? We are in the middle of the most disruptive season in history when it pertains to the methods of doing Church. The box that we have been using for the past 50 to 60 years broke in two weeks. So now what? This Video + PDF will help your team: – How to connect with digital guests – Ways to identify people online – How to move our new digital friends into a digital community.