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We’re kicking off another year – another chance to create, a fresh canvas, and new opportunities to do things that have never been done! So today I ask you to commit with me to have the most creative year possible.

Together, we will commit to:

  • Not allow our emotions to be our only driving force.
  • Finish as well as we start.
  • Hear compliments at the same volume we hear critiques.
  • Have no excuses.
  • Own our faults and our successes.
  • Think creatively.
  • Remember that our value is not found in how people respond to our work.
  • Be intentional to refuel ourselves.
  • Not be intimidated by others, but rather strive to make others better.
  • Choose great over good.
  • Create art that connects as much as it inspires.
  • Trust more than comfort.
  • Lead our teams to greatness.
  • Refuse to be satisfied.
  • Stay alert.
  • Be committed to vision, not projects.
  • Get back up…again…and again.
  • Fight to beat the status quo.
  • Fight to beat our fears.
  • Fight to beat other’s fears that keep us from doing our best work.
  • When we make this commitment together, we can hold each other accountable.

    What do you want to add to this list? Will you commit with me? #CreativeCommitment

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