There are a few traits that the best creative people share:

  • They’re never satisfied – The thought that they’ve “made it” scares them. They understand the reality that there’s always more, always something new that can be uncovered, and always something better that can be achieved. They refuse to accept that today is as good as it gets.
  • They see possibility – Obstacles excite them. Challenges drive them to new heights.
  • They understand change – Not only do they understand it, they thrive in the currents of change. They don’t allow it to sidetrack them because they expect change around every corner.
  • They steal stuff – Constantly. They’re always seeking new ideas. Their antenna is up and they’re consistently adding ideas and tools to their toolboxes. They know inspiration lives everywhere, so they steal daily to be ready.
  • They laugh – Often. At themselves, others, and situations.
  • They cry – Because good only feels good when we know what bad feels like.
  • They make lists – because lists help move creativity forward and bring ideas to life.
  • They embrace their weaknesses – In order to be secure in their strengths, they’re honest about their weaknesses.
  • They clarify expectations – The ones laid out for them and the ones they have for others.
  • They stay coachable – Because they know they can always get better.
  • They surf on time – They know inspiration can strike at any point, so they respond when they are most creative, even if it’s not during their 9 to 5.
  • They learn discipline – They choose to battle the status quo the same way they battle stereotypes. They understand that by feeding the stereotype, they’re destroying the equity they’re trying to build.
  • They love the start – But equally love the finish. The greatest creative people refuse to quit until they have completed.
  • They ask – Questions. And lots of them. They know it helps and they know it’s vital to success.
  • They battle – for the best. At any cost.
  • They champion others – because they know creativity is best in community.
  • They celebrate – Success and Failure. They know that you can’t have one without the other.

What traits are we missing?

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