Chasing all that God has for our lives and our art is a journey.

The most successful creative people do not wait or expect someone else to do their work. This select few does not hold out for validation of what they know must be done. They are doers, so they do. They hustle. They’ve taken the time to find, pray through, and define the end goal. Then, they start the journey to that distant place.

So, they start.

Along the way they make mistakes – they win and lose. Occasionally they have people who join them on the journey, but they never deviate. They keep moving. Keep working. Keep driving. Their passion is the fuel for what they know they have been created to do. Along the way, they sometimes morph or adapt – but they never stop chasing their own destiny with focus and precision. They are more consumed with creating momentum than they are concerned with being validated or accepted. Achieving their end goal is not an option – it’s a mission; a mission given to them by God to create, innovate, develop, and challenge.

So, they go.

They work hard to make sure they never confuse mile markers for finish lines. They keep going, always finding ways to keep moving. They don’t sit around and wonder who is going to understand them, be passionate about them, or do something for them. They understand that, at the end of the day, no one is going to care about their calling more than they will. They listen to the wisdom of a few and refuse to be swayed by the opinion of most. They know the cost and they pay the cost daily so that they can stay true to their calling.

And they keep going.

They don’t confuse success with completion. They refuse to react but choose to respond. They prepare enough to succeed and leave enough space for creativity and improvisation to develop. They understand the process is as beautiful as the destination, and that God’s colors and character light the path. They are thankful for those that believe in the vision that God places on their journey to help carry the load when it gets heavy, but have the clarity to stay on mission – even when it’s unpopular.

The irony is that the destination is usually never landed upon because God has more for us. Those rare times we do reach the destination is only so He can change our course and create a new journey. So, we keep going – hoping to create our best work along the way.

Have you embraced the fact you are the one person most responsible for
your journey and destination? What do you do to keep your focus on your journey?

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