We are really bad judges of our own creations.

As creative people, we are often very insecure about our creations. We walk through life and see all the great art being created arounds us and wonder: “how did they think of that? Where did that idea come from? I could never think of that! I would never be able to create that.” We see awesome people doing awesome things and just know that they are geniuses and we’re hacks.

But that lie is just not true. What is obvious to us may actually be magical to everyone else. The thing is, magic happens when we are busy doing our work.

When our focus becomes on being magical, the magic will never happen. But when we are occupied with doing our jobs, we are able to do what we do best. As we do our work, we start to create things and the by-product of our constant creation is to develop WOW moments for other people.

At some point, even the most amazing ideas have seemed obvious to their creator. That never stopped them from continuing to create. Maybe what is obvious to us can actually be amazing to everyone else.

Derek Siver, founder of CD Baby, has recently released a book entitled: Anything You Want where he talks about this concept and also drives home the point that often times we are bad judges of our own creations. We judge our ideas, our art, and our work through a different lens than our peers.

So, stop doubting. Stop believing the lie that you are not able to create WOW art. What is obvious to you may change the life of someone else. Go create and let the world decide while you are working, focused, and doing your thing.

Have you ever had an idea that felt obvious to you but blew someone else away?

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