I believe.

I believe that the creative community at Cross Point has potential that is out of this world. Between staff and volunteers, I really think that God is going to do some amazing things with our crew of creative people to touch our community, our city, and the world. It’s so humbling to get the opportunity to work with these people. As I was reading and dreaming about some of the things that I think we need to accomplish, I realized that the same traits required to be a Samurai are the same traits we are going to need to make creative strides as we plot to be our creative best!

I never knew this, but there is a Samurai code:

1. Rectitude
2. Courage
3. Benevolence
4. Respect
5. Honesty
6. Honor
7. Loyalty

We can be creative samurai but only if we choose to attempt the following:

1. Rectitude – Follow your moral virtue. Create with integrity, purpose and principle.

2. Courage – Avoid the trap of being safe. Take chances. Stretch ourselves, our departments, and our organizations. We should be told NO often. If we are not, we are not pushing hard enough. Take some chances and be willing to fail. Without the courage to fall on our face, we will never fly.

3. Benevolence – This one can be hard sometimes because, when the work piles up, it’s not easy to do good to others. It is, however, essential. If we are not serving and giving ourselves away, we will never create room to be refilled with new, better, and more creativity.

4. Respect – For other departments, for art, and for the opportunity to do something that will impact others lives. We have to model respect or no one will ever respect us. We are creative, but with just the word, people will think we are weird, arrogant, and not interested. Respect changes all of that. You will never get respect if you don’t give it first.

5. Honesty – Avoid the temptation to hide or cover. When we win, be honest about it and when we lose, be even more honest about it. Honesty builds trust and trust creates opportunity. Be honest with ourselves, with others, and most importantly be honest in setting expectations.

6. Honor – Honor the work and the art that has gone before us. Honor those doing ministry that helps us share the art. Honor the fact we get to do creative ministry and never take that for granted. Also, honor the systems. They may feel like constraints but they are really opportunities waiting to be uncovered. Finally, honor our pastors and leaders. They are doing their absolute best to lead us and honoring them is a commandment.

7. Loyalty – Be loyal to each other and to the vision. We are a family. Protect each other and protect the vision of our organization.

What are some things you feel you and your team need to do to be ready to become a creative Samurai?

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