Have you heard of Peter Diamandis? I mean, this dude went to MIT AND Harvard. Now he runs the first private space flight organization taking civilians to the international space station. One of the most interesting things about Peter is his creation of  “Peter’s Laws” – laws on his approach to life and problems. I think that some of them may be inspiring to you today.


We all get stuck and feel a little run down from time to time. So what if we took Peter’s Laws and turned them into questions that we can use when we need a creative pick me up?
  • If there were NO RULES what would you start today? Why can’t you start that today?
  • What can we do that is audacious? Something we’ve not done before that will stretch us? Something so cool that we could fail trying to make it happen!
  • What is something that’s new and is working, even if not in your industry, that you should adapt to your work and start doing now?
  • How do you work around being told NO? How can you bring this idea to life?
  • If there were no fear of criticism, what would you start today?
  • Have you done something TODAY to move your biggest idea or priority forward?
  • How can you break the norm? What is something you can do today that will turn typical on its end?
  • If you were made the boss today, what would you change?
  • What should you have stopped doing 6 months ago and what should you have started doing?
  • Can you do something today that brings so much attention to your project and create momentum?
OK! Go time. Let’s do something awesome today!

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