In studying and exploring creativity, there are so many different FLAVORS to what it can and should look like. For example: some of us are great at coming up with ideas, while some of us are brilliant at bringing ideas to life. Neither, however, can exist without the other.

Another more scientific style of creativity is “Bisociative Creativity.” In artist talk, it’s how we connect rational thought with our artistic intuition. It’s when we bring those “Aha, I got it” moments to life. Bisociative creativity at its core is like the building blocks of ideas that come together to develop into something special. Each of those blocks is built around one of the three “F’s:”

  • Fluency – Taking lots of raw, scary, unpolished ideas and flushing them out until we get to the good ones. The diversity creates an environment for the best ideas to rise. The options build on each other to develop better ideas.
  • Flexibility – We’ve all had that moment when we know we have the right idea but maybe it lives in the wrong place? Part of the creative process is getting moved to the place where ideas can succeed and thrive. It takes amazing flexibility to stay with ideas until they catch the right space, time, team, and environment. The ideas will meet the challenge if we can do the same.
  • Flow – There is nothing worse then being asked to be creative on demand. Creativity takes work, time, investment, inspiration, and simulation. Finding the right momentum and environment creates the “flow” that we’ve all felt at one time or another when we’re just grooving and things are happening.

Have you noticed these “F’s” in your life? It’s important to be intentional in positioning us to be our best by finding ways to encourage the three “F’s in our process. Which is your best? How do you work to stay in your best zone?


Do you know how to convert your digital guests to attendees?

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