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NBA Coach Scott Brooks said this about Kevin Durant: “He works like he has no talent. He works every day like he wants to make the team. That’s his mindset.” #hustle.

Tina Fey, wrote for SNL, developed motion pictures, and created an Emmy Award winning sitcom, while having a child. She saw the window, knew when it was open, and refused to let the opportunity pass. #hustle.

Most people like the idea of HUSTLE, so why is it so rare?

There are a few things about HUSTLE that not everyone has figured out:

  • It’s not about working a lot…it’s all about how you approach your life.
  • It’s a FREE resource that can give you an advantage over your competition.
  • Hustle comes with a cost…sweat.
  • It’s one of the few things that you’re always in control of – no one else gets to control your work or how you approach your work.
  • Everyone likes the idea of Hustle, but few people like the execution of it.
  • Hustle will seperate you from the pack.
  • Hustle trumps talent.
  • Hustle magnifies strengths.
  • Hustle comes from passion, not books, quotes, tweets, or talk.
  • Hustle amplifies data.
  • Hustle requires the extra 2% that makes a big difference.
  • Hustle isn’t very sexy.
  • Hustle takes work.
  • Hustle never gets satisfied.
  • Hustle hates entitlement.
  • It refuses to quit and never settles for good enough.

The truth is people who are willing to hustle understand that what they GET to do is a GIFT. They cherish that gift because they know how special it is and how rare it is for people to get to do things they love. They never take that for granted and they respect the fact that they’re blessed with an opportunity. When we embrace this concept, we realize we have to stay hungry, stay focused, and stay willing to do whatever it takes. Hustle is about stewardship, not chatter.

So let’s go create. Let’s make amazing stuff…like HISTORY…and let’s do it understanding the amazing blessing we get to live. Who’s with me?

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