As creative people and artists, one of the biggest hinderances to our work and development is often ourselves. There’s a force that wants to destroy your creative energy and it starts by believing a few lies that are intended to stifle your best work. Don’t believe these lies:

  • The lie of inspiration striking. Ideas are birthed by hard work and the collection of experiences we have. They’re birthed by the sweat of showing up over and over again. Ideas might seem to be inspired and appear out of nowhere but the truth is they happen because you keep showing up and doing your work day after day.
  • The lie we have to be completely original. Truthfully, there are very few things that are uniquely original. Research shows that most new things are a actually a remixes and creative combinations of experiences and other ideas.
  • The lie we should never share. Sharing actually helps ideas get better. The best art is created in community. It’s hard for people to “steal” your ideas because part of ideas are the engine to actually make them come to life and rarely can that happen without the original incubator.
  • The lie your boss hates you and your art. They might pick at it, they may not understand it, and at times the may not like it. But the truth is your boss has a job and a lens they see things through. Work to share why you believe what you believe and don’t give up. Your boss may not always understand your process or your work, but you have a chance to educate them and lead up to the importance of your ideas. Be respectful and try to understand where they’re coming from.
  • The lie that more resources will make you better. Constraints actually help you define the canvas and the scope. Stop looking at constraints as a hindrance when they help you define expectation and boundaries. You may even want to go as far as employing your own constraints to make your art better.
  • The lie that mile markers are finish lines. Don’t confuse the two. Far too often we mistake mile markers or even starting lines as finish lines. Don’t settle for good when you can achieve great. You know what’s possible and as an artist you have a responsibility to deliver your best.
  • The lie you are what you make. Stop believing this now. You are amazing and you might make amazing stuff, but the truth is you are so much more than what you make. God cares a lot more about who we are becoming than He cares about what you are creating.

These lies come through small voices that whisper in your head but scream in your heart. You have the control to say no to these lies and not allow them to have control over you or your work. When you start hearing these lies write them down, share them with others, and fight for the truth. The truth that is you are enough, your work and your art matter, and you are the right person in the right place at the right time. Create bravely.

Do you know how to convert your digital guests to attendees?

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