I was asked the other day what is the biggest lesson that I am learning right now?

The answer is simple. Everything I do is Leadership.

What do I mean?

Everything you say as a leader carries weight. Measure your words and your opinions. You set the tone.

Every decision you make impacts other people. It is not just about you and your art anymore. It is about all the people who rely on what you do to succeed at what they do.

You set the tone.  Facial expressions, attitude, non-verbal language…it all speaks and sets the temperature around you. What you don’t say often speaks louder than what you say.

Who you talk to about anything matters. It matters because you lead and your leadership matters.

Actions create culture. Like it or not it is true. So act the way you want others to act.

If you don’t prepare no one else will. You set the expectation. This is true of art, work, prayer, and attitude. Leaders go first.

What you allow you permission. 

It requires hard conversations that won’t always be popular but move momentum! 30 sucky minutes are better than 2 awkward weeks. Deal with stuff before it becomes bigger than it has to be.

How you respond tells everyone everything. Do you respond the way you would want others to respond or do you react based on your emotions?

Leadership is not easy. For creative people who deal with insecurity, the desire to be liked, who’s emotions help drive the art they create, who need permission to sometimes be eccentric so they can be who they were created to be it is really hard. But way more than that, it is a gift and an honor. We GET TO lead and make these decisions. The problems we have today someone else is praying they get to have tomorrow. Lean in. This is our time. We were made for this. Lets go!



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