One of the most painful parts of being an artist is dealing with the discomfort that comes when we realize we are not growing. Growth is vital to our development and the development of the organizations for which we work. Personal creative leadership is a big factor in how intentional we are about our growth. Over the years I have learned, sometimes the hard way, a few traits from the creative leaders that inspire me.

I believe great creative leaders: 

1. Set the tone and set it with passion and audacity.

2. Avoid drama and create peace.

3. Think positive, but realistic.

4. Lead by serving.

5. Act as much as they talk.

6. Ensure that their words and actions align; own and correct it when they don’t.

7. Plan.

8. Know they don’t have all the answers all the time.

9. Ask questions more than you make statements.

10. Trust their team to do their jobs.

11. Set and articulate expectations.

12. Insist on results.

13. Delegate. Then, delegate more.

14. Give others credit.

15. Listen. Listen. Listen. Then respond.

16. Have compassion, but don’t be fooled.

17. Respond instead of react.

18. Hire talented, young, future leaders and trust them even when they fail…and never stop investing in them.

19. Know their idea is not always the best idea.

20. Never stop learning.

What are some of the traits you see in the creative leaders you admire?

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