I honestly freak out when I feel that someone cares more about my “stuff” than I do.

The reality is, it is usually not true, but often the pace we run creates opportunity for our attention to get thin. When we have thin attention we are forced to count on the status quo, which is never a good idea. Margin & planning create space for creativity.

As artists and creative people our job should be to war with the status quo not to make it our co-worker. However, at times, we allow this to happen and it is usually when our “to do” list has over taken our “must create” list and the dreaded thinning of our attention has gotten to code red levels.

When we realize this happens it is vital we course correct immediately. Immediately I have to stop and pray. I need wisdom and insight in these moments. Once I have prayed I have to start asking some questions. What allowed us to get here?  Where did we go off track? When did we get comfortable?

Often times when I start to ask these questions I realize that I likely have started to make promises for other people for which I can’t control the outcome. As a leader we should only make promises based on what you can control. One of the most powerful ways to thin our attention is to have to cover promises we made for others.

Finally, when I feel the status quo is eating my lunch I realize that I have to only fight for what matters. – Let the stuff that does not matter go. It’s not worth it. Control What You Can Control – When we worry about stuff that is outside of our control it only breeds frustration and fear.

Always be looking for a new or better way. Fall in love with the message not the method. Protect your team but be honest with them even if it hurts. There are so many more ways to prevent attention thinning, and give the status quo what it deserves, a kick in the pants!

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