There is nothing wrong with a 9-5 job. It is more than admirable. In fact, a lot of people dream of the day we can show up at 9 go home at 5 and not think about our jobs when we are on the beach, in the car, or playing with our kids.

But oh creative culture…you have ruined us. Because of our attachment to our art, and our inability to cut the tether from our creative core, we think, dream, process, and obsess about how our ideas will impact our jobs. For some it is a gift. For others, our creativity is a curse. But why? Why can’t the creative job not be completed during our “shift”?

  • We are not in a setting that inspires us to think creative.
  • When we are at work we have too much to do and not enough space to be creative, unless we plan and make that time.
  • We get interrupted. (twitter, people, emails, ping-pong, meetings, lunch, responsibilities)
  • We are afraid we won’t appear to be working when we do what it takes to process creatively.
  • There is not a premium on ideas but a premium on execution. (Both are necessary)
  • The routine of work bores us and depletes creative energy.
  • Our environments are not conducive for creativity.
  • Teammates, co-workers, bosses or employees cause us to be afraid of sharing that idea that might just change everything.
  • We feel we will be rejected.
  • We don’t feel enough ownership to be vulnerable.
  • We have been told no before, so we feel we no longer are responsible for dreaming. (This could not be more wrong. As artists we are responsible to the idea and the inspiration, now how it is accepted or rejected)
  • No one asks us, so we don’t assert our creative energy. Which causes us to rob ourselves and to rob others of the chance to collaborate on something amazing.
  • We are frustrated.
  • Our pace is too frantic.
  • We are comfortable and stretching would mean getting out of that comfort zone.
  • What if our idea is accepted…what would that mean. No thanks!
  • We don’t feel valued enough to share our best ideas.
  • We have gotten bored, and are so bored we have not realized it yet.
  • We have to many priorities and not enough delegation.

Being creative is an honor. It is not always comfortable. It has requirements and responsibilities associated with it that at times can be an inconvenience. We need you to be your creative best and to share that with the rest of us. Are you ready? It may be uncomfortable, it may cost you, but it could also change….everything!

What would you add to this list? More importantly, what are you going to do today to be your absolute best creatively?

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