Your best stuff, the art that matters to you and to others, only gets created in the balance of friction and adoration.

As artists we all need to have both forces present in our lives.

Friction is good. It challenges us. It forces us to think different, work different, try things. Friction does not allow us to rest on our wins or quit when we lose. It is the challenge. It is the person who questions everything we are doing. It is the voice that good isn’t good enough. It is the boss who challenges us to do things we don’t think are possible because they see something we don’t see ourselves. Friction is the co-worker you can’t stand working with or the teammate that drives you crazy. You have to fight for it but inside of the friction lives inspiration to do more, better, innovative, amazing stuff.

Adoration…well we all love adoration, right? Not only do we love it, we need it. You need to know you are not alone, that someone has your back, that there are people who passionately believe in you and what you are doing. People who care about who you are and not what you make. People who will fight for you no matter what happens. People who are committed to you when you make your biggest mistakes and celebrate you no matter the size of the win.

Make sure you have both in your life. Maybe you are already filling one of these roles? Maybe you have to much friction and not enough adoration, or worse you have to much adoration and not enough friction. Maybe it is time to create some friction because your life is friction free. Find the balance and fight for it in your life because if you are going to make your absolute best stuff you need to have both present and accounted for!

Now go make great stuff!

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