We all love ideas. They are intoxicating but the reality is…most of our best ideas never get out of the starting gate. The hard truth is this – no one cares about your idea and it won’t likely get noticed unless you choose to do some things that demand people’s attention. Now, your idea, that one that haunts you, it is probably really good. So how do you demand attention?

You have to always remember that no one cares. When you accept this truth it changes how you communicate your idea. When you fully embrace that you are the only person that cares it forces you to go find and convert people to care alongside of you. You have to create believers not just expect them to show up and your doorstep, excited and impassioned around your idea. No. One. Cares.

Resources are likely going to be slim early so make sure you start with scale in mind. Start online and build from there. Technology has shortened the curve and when you couple technology with creativity, great content that tells amazing stories, and a good & simple distribution system that empowers your new believers to share your idea you set yourself up to begin scaling.

Part of scaling is understanding that in order to get people to care about your idea you have to customize it to every outlet, person, blogger, email, text message, conversation and opportunity. The days of “Mass Blasting” your content out are gone. You have to make your idea matter to others. Leverage their passions and ideas to draw them and their tribe to your idea. Provide an insane amount of value to them! While navigating this, stay true to who you are and what you are about. Don’t drift into slime ball sales girl/guy. Stay respectable, be true, but be shrewd enough to know how you can adapt and adjust before you get adjusted.

Another thing, you absolutely must keep it simple. If people don’t care about your idea the last thing they want to hear is how you figured out this idea. Simplify. Everything. Your pitch, your brand, your concepts, your delivery. Simplicity is difficult and requires more intentionality than you could ever imagine. You have to focus on 1 thing. Not 2, not 1 and a mention of something else…1 ridiculously simple thing!

Finally, your idea is going to require more hustle than you can imagine. That is why you don’t have to worry about someone stealing it or stupid non-competes. Your passion, your calling, the drive that makes your idea yours is what sets it apart from how anyone else could execute it so put on your hard hat and show up for work. Culture prefers instant but great ideas require persistence. Oh, and the minute someone else cares more about your idea than you do…well it’s over.


Do you have what it takes to make people care about your idea?

Do you know how to convert your digital guests to attendees?

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