It’s a new year so with it comes a ton of promise and resolution. It is funny how the flip of a calendar can initiate such a flip in attitudes. The reality is as a creative person every day is a new year. We get to create, make, innovate, and develop NEW and NEXT every. single. day.

I believe there are 3 important things every creative leader should be doing all the time and there is no better time than today to start!

  1. Evaluate & Challenge – What is working? What stopped working? Why do we do this and are our systems strong? Do we have the space to do our best work? What is getting in the way of us being awesome and innovative? As creative leaders we should be constantly evaluating everything about the world we live in and we should be challenging systems and status quo. If the creative team doesn’t do it who will?
  2. Simplify – Everything. Make it easier. The natural tendency is to add but great stuff, the stuff people fall in love with, share, and get passionate about is simple. How can we make things more simple? Edit and remix. As a creative leader you are going to have to lead this charge and it is going to start with you!
  3. Dream Then Execute – If you and the creative team are not dreaming and making space to dream it’s time to start! Lets dream. Lets come up with new ideas. Lets do some things that have never been done before. If we are going to “steal like an artist” then lets make it ours and make sure it has our flavor and identity to it. Then, when we have dreamed, lets execute like crazy. Plan to succeed. Put times, dates, deadlines, action. Point yourself and your team in the direction that you need to go and then start marching. Greatness is the repeating of amazing small things over and over.
  4. BONUS – Stay flexible. Things are not going to work out the way you planned or thought. Thats not good it’s GREAT but it can be frustrating. So stay flexible.

So are you ready? Capitalize on the fact everyone is juiced up about the new year and lets go make some history!

P.S. there is a lot more than 3 things but it is a new year and lets not overwhelm each other this early.

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