You are creative. You create stuff and the stuff you create matters.

Being creative has probably left you confused, unsettled, and at times frustrated beyond belief. You wonder why you have to be wired the way you are and feel the things you feel. But being creative is a gift that allows you to usher in the future. Being creative is a responsibility that requires you to not give up when you’re frustrated, but to lean in and understand the things that frustrate you are actually birthing the culture, the feel, and the future of your art & organization.

You see, as someone who is creative there are a few things that you understand that others don’t or won’t.

You remember that you’re successful because you love what you do so much that you invest your life in it. What you create will matter because the passion you bring to work with you every day has the power to change everything.

You understand that the responsibility of being creative and that it requires you to criticize by creating.

You refuse the temptation to complain and embrace the opportunity to make things better.

You trust the people, the systems, and the decisions around you and empower your team to do its absolute best work – even when it makes you nervous.

You understand that every single experience you’ve ever had builds on itself to create who you are today and the tool box that you bring to work every day.

You understand the need to collaborate and you fight to surround yourself with the best people possible.

You understand that anything worth making is going to have people who love it like crazy and hate it equally as passionately. You know if you don’t have haters you aren’t doing anything that matters.

But most of all, you understand that when you are scared and when you hear those voices in your head that haunt you like crazy and you feel that you’re about to fail miserably, you’re not only on the right track but that it’s time to run as fast as you can towards your fear. In your fear, you will find your future.

Are you ready to be your best you?

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