One of the most important things we get to steward in leadership is the people that have been entrusted to us. They ARE the resource. But not just a resource, a massive responsibility and a GIFT! Every day we have to be at full attention making sure we are leading and loving people to become the best version of themselves! A few weeks ago I had a great conversation with a friend about how as leaders sometimes we are accidentally killing our teams, both staff and volunteers. Here is what we came up with!

You accidentally are killing your team & volunteers when:

When we lack vision! To motivate your team, create a compelling vision and cast it every single day! Vision is WHY. As a leader, we get tired of saying the same thing over and over and over, but thats exactly what our people need from us! We are leaders for a reason. Our teams are looking for handles they can hold and vision they can resonate with. They want to be proud of WHY they are doing this!

When we don’t celebrate wins. Celebrate early and often! Your team and culture needs the permission to pause and celebrate their wins. If we don’t celebrate we kill moral and over time kill enthusiasm…and over time that can’t be replaced.

When we don’t communicate clearly. Communicate more than you think you need to…and to more people you think is necessary. Information is currency. When we don’t let people know what they need to know, when they need to know it, we don’t set people up to win! Don’t make people care less about their work because we don’t give them the info they need.

When we don’t set people up to win. Every win our teams have is a win for you. Don’t lead out of insecurity. Empower, equip, and position your volunteers and teams up to win and watch them blow your mind.

When we don’t value everyone. The idea that people they are replaceable makes them lose passion and feel REALLY anxious. This is not a culture that helps people thrive. People want to be part of something and can find a healthy identity in being involved and valued which will make them care!

When we don’t have a plan. You can have the greatest vision and the best ideas, but without a plan to guide them our teams will lose focus and get lost. Plans matter. People need and want clarity of what needs to happen.

When we don’t execute that plan! Once we have a plan and know what to do…DO IT! Get out there and start executing. Apply dates and assign responsibility. Stuff only moves when you activate!

When we say one thing but do another. Your teams are watching you and want you to be consistent. Inconsistencies in your words and behavior don’t just discourage your team — it erodes their respect for you, which in turn keeps them from their best.

When we make up policy instead of have conversations. It’s not about the rules or policies, its about relationship. Don’t hide behind a policy instead of having a hard conversation.

When we don’t give people their credit! Let your team and volunteers be the hero. The bigger hero you make them the better everything grows!

When we refuse to deal with conflict. Conflict is healthy. Not dealing with conflict is toxic! There is more respect after a hard conversation than there ever would be by running away or just making peace.

When we’re not engaged because we are to busy . We are all busy. Never be to busy to be available. Be the resource you wish someone would have been for you! Emails, projects, etc…they all will be there tomorrow. Show up and be present with your teams. And put your phone away when you are talking. Stay connected to those around you. (Gulp, guilty)

When we don’t protect our team. Protect them at every turn. If you want teams to be brave make them feel safe! Help your team balance and manage expectations.

You #Get2 be a leader. Pressure is a privilege. If you find yourself doing these things course correct and watch how awesome stuff gets, especially your teams and your relationships! Be the leader you have always wanted!

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