For most of us, we go into our weekly meetings with our boss in one of two postures.

The first and most dangerous is when we walk in and expect our boss to tell us exactly what to do. YIKES. We have just moved from being a leader to a doer. Your boss should never have to micro-manage or spoon feed you!

The second posture is a little more aggressive but still leaves us lacking in the rockstar status. In this posture we walk in with a bunch of questions that needs to be answered by our boss or problems we expect our boss to solve for us. This posture shows a touch more initiative, but still is counting our boss to be the leader and is not stretching or asserting our leadership over our responsibilities.

But what if we approached our weekly meetings DIFFERENT! What if we came in with proposed solutions, with plans and intentions, and what if the only questions we asked were questions that would make us ROCK STARS in our organization? That is really what I want for you. I want you to be in the elite % of leaders who “lead up”. This is stolen from a lesson we teach during our coaching on different phases of leadership.

So here you go! The 4 questions you should be asking your boss when you meet with them:

1. What are my blind spots? – Being assertive with self-awareness is magical! When we start asking our superiors about our blind spots it helps us have a full perspective of how we are leading, how we are making decisions, and where we need to improve!

2. What am I missing or where do we need to improve? – This will help you identify not just blind spots but areas of continuous improvement! When you take initiative to get better, you position yourself to be elite!

3. How can I help you / what can I take off your plate? – Your boss is looking for someone who can help them. They want someone they can trust. When you care about what they care about, they will start to care about what you care about!

4. What should I care about you don’t feel I am tuned into? – It is amazing what your boss may not think you are aware of without a conversation. Even more, when you can “see around the corner” of things that you don’t know about it positions you to lead like never before!

It’s a new year! Let’s become the best leaders in our organization and position ourselves to be the best creative leaders ever!

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