Timing is vital to great leadership, great creativity, and momentum creating success. We live in the tension of innovation and output. We have to know when to share a new idea when to take chances, the right time to impose beliefs and create change. It takes instincts, courage, and the willingness to curate not just create. Ideally, those of us who are brave want to do this all the time, and those of us who are more conservative is a little slower to pull the trigger. But all the time is not the perfect time to fight for change.

Here are a few identifying factors to when the timing is right for new ideas:

  • When we understand that risk is involved and it starts with you. However, knowing you can create champions to help you carry the weight of that risk is a bonus.
  • When there’s a problem that needs to be solved.
  • When there’s an opportunity to be better or improve.
  • When we can change the mind of people, who will oppose, or prove them wrong.
  • When we identify that in the next 3-5 years what we are doing today won’t work anymore.
  • When momentum is slipping.
  • When the status quo is making life boring.
  • When complacency has set in, and urgency has escaped.
  • When resources aren’t available.
  • When crises occur.
  • When expectations stop being met.
  • When we copy more than we create.
  • When we’re more focused on checklists than we are on art.
  • When we have more habits than ideas.
  • When we’re scared.

We all can contribute to this list based on our own specific experiences.
What would you add to this list?

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