I bet I can tell you how your creative meetings usually happen.

About 3-7 people show up, most late, and we sit down. The pastor tells us about what we are talking about and everyone opens their computer and pulls up their Google browser.

From that point, we try to find clever “cultural” things to copy in order to be “creative” and then we agree on some weird stuff, or stuff similar to other things we have done in the past, and we move into production.

Everyone, all the same people every time, leave the meeting feeling we have landed but no one is 100% happy with how creative we feel things are going to be for this series.

I only know this is true because I did it for too many years!

Here is the RIGHT way to have a creative meeting:

1. Meet with your pastor and get answers to this form. This will give you the info you need and remove his/her heavy voice from the creative conversation!

2. Hold a REAL creative meeting. I promise to release more on this soon but you need 20-40 people at your meeting. You need them to be in teams and let them “CREATE” based on what you need for the series! This should be the most fun meeting you host!

3. EDIT! – Get a smaller group – 3-5 and take all the amazing ideas that came out of the creative meeting and edit them into 2-3 pitches for your pastor. You will have more content than you know what to do with, which is awesome, and you will deliver BETTER stuff than you ever imagined!

Our biggest problem is we are trying to jam three meetings into one and that does not work! Let creativity be a process, not a meeting, and you can make better stuff that reaches more people, and shifts culture!

If I can help you at ALL with this process, reach out to me. B@StephenBrewster.me or on IG: @B_rewster.

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