Do you like Christmas? It is my favorite time of the year. This year it feels a little different because for the first time in YEARS we are not serving on a local church staff. It is funny; we had to talk about which service we would attend and how many we volunteer! Our kids want to serve all of them so they can be at church the entire time, what have we created. 🙂

I know for some of you, Christmas is stressful. What will your graphics package look like, what is the song for the day, do you have the right promo videos? It can be super stressful. As some of you know, I serve with the team from Elevation now, and this year we have created a bunch of resources we are giving away around the song Here Comes Heaven. They are FREE and available to you as a jump start if you are behind for this season, download them here!. If you end up checking them out, shoot me an email, text (6154577261) or DM @B_rewster and let me know.

Another friend of mine, Sports Spectrum, is getting you a jump start on the new year, specifically February. We all love January; it is a momentum season, people show up to church to start fresh. Then, the Super Bowl hits and it is like we ran our momentum full speed into a brick wall. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Sports Spectrum has created a FREE resource to turn Super Bowl Sunday into the most significant outreach your church will do in Q1 of the year, Football Sunday. Not just outreach ideas but REAL NFL PLAYERS, sharing their faith journey on video. There are different lengths of videos, a ton of resources, and this is a great way to leverage one of the most significant cultural moments of the year into ministry. Since they started this program four years ago, there have been over 20,000 commitments to Christ! Also, I helped create a PDF of 7 things you can do to maximize the weekend. Email me here, and I will send it to you. Go here, check it out, and sign up for the resources.

Let’s do anything short of sin to reach the lost. I believe that these resources are unique and I love that they are free to you and your teams. I hope you will consider them, leverage them, and share the stories of how God uses them and you in this season; they will help you! If there is anything, I can pray for you or help you, hit me up!

Do you know how to convert your digital guests to attendees?

How will you connect digital guests and convert them to actual attendees? We are in the middle of the most disruptive season in history when it pertains to the methods of doing Church. The box that we have been using for the past 50 to 60 years broke in two weeks. So now what? This Video + PDF will help your team: – How to connect with digital guests – Ways to identify people online – How to move our new digital friends into a digital community.