Do you have a routine to maximize your day?

One of the biggest things I am working on in 2019 is RHYTHM.

I want to find the best rhythms I can for my creativity, leadership, productivity, and emotions. One of the biggest lessons I have learned, that you can employee today, is finding the right way to start and finish your day. Starts and finishes are where we steward momentum. Because I want you to win at this, I created a PDF you can download, for free, to track your progress.

Here is what it looks like – daily there are 8 P’s that need activation in your life. As you manage those 8 P‘s, you will see things start to shift — three in the morning and five in the afternoon.

Start the day with the day of the week, the date, your goal for the day, and the thing you are most thankful for that morning.

Now you are ready to:

1. Pray – Pray every day. Some prefer meditation, that’s fine, but for me, prayer is essential. During that time I read the bible, and I have learned this method of prayer cards. Simple cards with peoples names on them and the things I am praying over their lives. If you want more info on this check out The Praying Life. I also pray for one person and take the time to text them and let them know they have prayed for that morning. I believe when we don’t start our day with prayer we sabotage a chance for God to direct the day. (Theologically that is not correct, I know)

2. Perspire – You need to move! The level of stress we are under and the volume of work we do each day requires us to exercise to create endorphins. Without exercise, the pressure is going to crush you.

3. Plan – What do we need to do today? Focus on one task we MUST complete then the top five things we need to finish after our “must complete” is crushed. Finally, I have added one thing that I Hope to accomplish that day.

BOOM – morning routine complete. Now the afternoon, evening –

4. People – People matter so at the end of the day it helps evaluate how you led, engaged, and developed. Who did you listen to, who did you slow down for, who did you value, who did you take time to encourage, was there anyone you needed to challenge today, and who do you need to pray for (Add them to your list for tomorrow)

5. Produce – Today you (made, solved, created, contributed) and it (result). Track this so you can see where your energy is generating momentum and where it may be a waste of your focus.

6. Promote – What moved you closer to your goal today? Did you accomplish the goal?

7. Process – This is your review of the day. What was great? What was good? What needs to happen tomorrow that didn’t happen today? And finally, what are you thankful for from today?

8. Progress – What did you learn today? From a podcast, book, conversation, article, post? Is we are not learning every day we are not upgrading our life. Always be learning!

Ok, so can this help you? I hope so! Let me know if it does or where it could be improved. (You can always text me at 6154577261 or email me at

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